Classes and Services

We offer classes for every level with a focus on providing individualized instruction. We are proud to offer on-site fitness services, classes, consulting and personal training to your office, home or business.



By combining stretching and strength building routines, aerobic exercises are sure to give you a boost of energy and help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Step Aerobics

This rhythmic exercise program not only produces results, the added creativity makes exercising fun and motivating! 


More than just a class, Zumba is designed to bring people together and encourage lasting relationships. Sweat together, be healthy together! 


Learn good form and what it means to reach your threshold. We'll teach you basic techniques and push you to be stronger than ever before. 




This high-intensive interval workout can take you to the next level of fitness. Not only will be focus on strength training and endurance, but also great for improving flexibility and losing weight.

Aqua Fit


Work off that Sunday brunch by going for a swim in the pool! We offer a variety of Aqua Fit classes in indoor and outdoor pools, and including programs in deep and shallow water.

Senior Programming &Classes

Fitness is for all ages! We can tailor all of our programs to meet the needs of seniors. Low-impact, gentle exercises are a great way to keep active! 

Pre-Natal Programming and Classes

Celebrate the light growing inside of you with pre-natal classes. We will show you stretches and exercises that are designed to get your body ready to give birth! 


Gym Management


For current and aspiring fitness professionals who want a firm understanding the concepts behind successful gym management. 

Gym Design


This a great program for those looking to perfect the design of their current gym, or for those looking to open a gym in the near future. Learn tips and tricks from the experts! 

Personal Training


Personal training allows you to focus on the your own needs. Your personal trainer will provide individualized exercise programs and routines that will help you to acheive your goals on your own schedule! 

Special Needs Personal Training

Personal trainers are also able to provide services and training to those who have special needs and considerations.