1.0 Instructor Responsibilities, Requirements and Guidelines  

This contact renews on an annual basis automatically or/and with any applicable addendum’s and additions mutually agreed upon between FEBF and the instructor

1.1 The instructor agrees to provide the agreed upon fitness instruction in the agreed upon formats, locations and times. Once a site assignment has been made, the instructor agrees to provide services in an uninterrupted manner. However, instructor will provide transportation, individual choreography, routine design and music. For Every Body Fitness (hereafter referred to as FEBF will assist in any way to help the instructor with routines and choreography.

1.2 All instructors must have current CPR Certification and must submit copies of such certification to the FEBF office each year on the anniversary of such certification. A lapse in certification may result in suspension or termination due to professional and insurance reasons.

1.3 Qualified instructors who are not certified must pass a recognized professional fitness certification exam within six months of hire. (ACE, AFAA, AAAI, ACSM).

1.4 All FEBF instructors agree not to divulge any company information, promotional information, instructor names, addresses and phone numbers, or client information without expressed permission. Furthermore, all instructors agree not to solicit any and or all contracts of FEBF or its parent company, Shari’s Body Works Inc. Specialty programs names and formats are the sole ownership of FEBF and its parent company, Shari’s Body Works Inc.  

1.5 All instructors are required to teach or substitute on a regular basis (once a month, minimum) in order to maintain active status with FEBF. Inactive, non- participating instructors may remain affiliated and may attend workshops for a $25 fee.

1.6 Instructors may employ any other FEBF instructor as a substitute in the event of  sickness, vacation, etc., FEBF management must be consulted for permission to allow a non- FEBF substitute instructor. Notification of a substitution must be made to FEBF by the 28th of that month so that FEBF may reimburse the instructor. Once a verbal agreement for a substitution has been made, it is the sole responsibility of the instructor and substitute to provide such services.

1.7 CLASSES MAY NOT BE CANCELLED OR RESCHEDULED WITHOUT APPROVAL. In the case of an unapproved cancellation or “no-show," the instructor shall be assessed and fined $50 and the instructor will be placed on notice of suspension.



2.0 Responsibilities of For Every Body Fitness (FEBF)  

2.1 FEBF agrees to pay the certified instructor $50 per assigned class. Uncertified but qualified instructors will be paid  $40 per assigned class. Paychecks will be mailed by the 15th of the month following services for the prior month's service. FEBF will manage and arrange all contact, communication, sales, marketing, and promotions with the contracted client.

FEBF will maintain a one million ($1,000,000) dollar professional liability policy for each contracted client. This policy will cover each contracted instructor when providing services at a contracted location.

2.2 FEBF will provide when available, free of charge, quarterly fitness workshops. Topics, locations and continuing education credits will vary. TBA

2.3 FEBF will pay $25 for each referral made of a certified instructor who takes assignment with FEBF for a minimum of 3 months. FEBF will pay $50 for the referral of a new contracted location $50; for both $100.

2.4 FEBF will provide all waiver and liability forms and site-books for each location. Contracted instructors are required to maintain that each participant signs in to class. Instructors are also required to have each new participant fill out and properly sign waiver of liability form and  keep the office informed if a new supply is needed.


Addendum to For Every Body Fitness Instructor Contract
Non-competitive, Solicitation Clause

By signing this addendum to the For Every Body Fitness instructor contract, I agree to never solicit any current or future contracts and/or clients, (personal training, aerobics, yoga, aqua fitness, special programs) from this date forward.  

I agree to this clause while I am teaching with For Every Body Fitness, or if for any reason I choose to discontinue teaching with For Every Body Fitness.

This addendum/non-compete clause includes any contract issued by For Every Body Fitness or it’s parent company Shari’s Body Works, Inc.


3.0 Please Read and Initial Each: Waiver and Release

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