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I wish to participate in this For Every Body Fitness exercise program or class. I understand this program is intended to improve muscular endurance, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular and respiratory health, body composition, balance and coordination. I understand that participation in this activity involves risks of injury, including, but not limited to: sprains, muscular strains and soreness, fatigue, heat related illness and orthopedic problems or injuries. I also recognize that there are many other serious and disabling injuries and illness which may arise due to my participation and that is not possible to specifically list each injury risk. I understand it is advisable, and For Every Body Fitness recommends that you consult your physician prior to participation in this program and class. Please present written consent from your physician if you have or have had any of the conditions listed below, or experience any change in condition(s) or medications you have listed. Heart or Respiratory Disease/Recent surgery or Miscarriage/ High Blood Cholesterol (250+)High Blood Pressure/Overweight/Pregnancy(Doctor’s note required) Muscle Joint or Back Disorders Diabetes